TouchMate has a proprietory wayfinding solution called Signpost101, it’s an easy to use,
comprehensive solution for directing, informing & managing your visitors.

Signpost101™ utilizes state of the art technology to display and maintain what your visitors see. For your visitors, it will provide an attractive and easy interface that works with just a simple touch on the screen. For the organization it will provide you with an affordable, easy to install, easy to use solution which has the added benefit that when no-one is touching the screen it can act just like any other digital sign or display. The improved customer service and revenue generating potential are just the beginning of its many benefits. For more detail go to the Signpost101 website.

Wayfinding for your Industry


TouchMate’s Proprietary self serve solution is called Touch2Serve, it is a customer centric solution that allows you to effectively manage, organize, direct, receive payment from and optimize the throughput of your customers in any sized organization.

Offering a rich user interface and customizable features, Touch2serve™ can be integrated seamlessly within your current work environment to handle customer routing and queuing, appointments, payments, reception and registration. This systematic approach towards customer management gives you more control and thereby allows you to provide better service. The backend reporting functionality equips you with the information to measure staffs performance against service standards to ensure that your organization is providing your customers optimum service levels. For more detail go to the Touch2serve website.


The customer arrives and takes a ticket from the kiosk. The customer has a choice for the particular service that best suits their needs, your management module allows you to set these choices. This allows a fair process of customer service delivery.


The customer proceeds to a comfortable waiting area and avoids the discomfort of standing in a long queue. This not only helps to organize the arrivals but it also minimizes the actual and perceived waiting time.


The voice calling of the ticket numebr notifies the customer about their turn. The customer then approaches the service representative and counter that you have nominated.


The customer service representative (CSR) has received a prior notification as to the reason and/or category for which the customer needs to be served. Once the CSR has finished and is ready they can then call the next cusotmer.

How this helps your organization

  • Monitor service kpi’s in real time.
  • Segregate your customers based on their requests.
  • Allows you to organize your waiting areas.
  • Optimum utilization of customer support resources.
  • Additional revenue through advertising.
  • Present a professional approach to customer management.
  • Measure service effectiveness at each stage of the customer process.
  • A multilingual interface allows you to support all customers.
  • Your staff face less agitated customers.
  • At all times, determine the number of customers waiting.

How this helps your customer

  • The customer feels the serving process is fair.
  • The perceived waiting time is reduced.
  • They are able to sit and relax, rather than stand in line and stress.
  • Your organization is perceived as being professional.
  • The customer can provide immediate feedback after the service.


Touch2serve offers a wide range of monitoring and reporting tools for all levels of management. Daily reports, all record reports & usage statistics are gathered by the system. For the branch manager there is onscreen real-time parameters, for corporate executives and analysts there is comprehensive historical reports.

The results are delivered in an easy to use, easy to export format that can be used in virtually any database.


Alongside Touch2serve, digital signage can be used to display advertising, promotions, or other information through LCD, LED, plasma or projected displays.

The information can be displayed as video, text, tv channels as well as support components such as clocks and news tickers.

A system can be consist of a single screen such as a digital menu board right up to a nationwide network of targeted advertising displays.


By improving communications through the use of a native language, your application will have a much better impact and will address clients’ information needs more adequately.

This is especially relevant when a key portion of your clients do not know English very well. Touch2serve is designed to allow you to easily add in multi-language versions. Some of the benefits of multilingual software:

Pic Pay Go

PicPayGo is a revolutionary solution that replaces vending machines in your work.

Imagine being able to offer your staff quick and easy access to fresh healthy meal choices via a mini convenience store inside your own building, hundreds of products that they can select from, scan and pay for. There is multiple options for payment including cash, credit card, your own branded smart card solution or even your existing staff access cards. What you have in your store is up to you – we work together to customize the choices and configurations based on the space that you have available. You are better able to suit the needs of your staff by allowing them to provide feedback and suggestions for additional products or services. Replacing your vending machines with PicPayGo technology means that refunds, hung products or broken machines are a thing of the past.

For your staff, it’s a simple process


Browse through the shelves and/or refrigerators and make a selection(s).


Scan your items at the revolutionary PicPayGo checkout kiosk.

3. PAY

Pay for your selections – with cash, credit card and your own personal payment key tag.


Easy, quick and simple your staff will love the wide range of fresh exciting products.

For your organization, it’s an easy transition


You simply need to find a designated area for your market location.


You will need a standard power outlet for the refrigerators & kiosk system.


A basic interneet connection is required to allow for the system to be maintained.


Put the system in place and see your staff embrace and appreciate PicPayGo