For small and independent restaurant owners looking to implement self-service kiosk technology at an affordable price the LittleMate is the best solution on the market. This floor-standing unit is a fully-fledged kiosk with all the features and functionality you expect that empowers your customer to take charge of their movie-going experience right from the start.

Designed to withstand constant use, the LittleMate is prepared to help you provide your guests with the latest technology so you and your team can focus on other key activities. This powerful, entry-level kiosk is capable of working with the latest Cloud- or Server-based applications from Suppliers you know and integrates with your software so guests can order their food and print receipts. Plus with its emphasis on accessibility and modular approach, the LittleMate is an extremely easy kiosk to maintain.


  • Imaging 2D Bar Code Scanner
  • NFC/RFID Reader
  • EMV Readers/Terminals
  • Barcode scanner
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader