About TouchMate

TouchMate is a Technology integration company that provides end to end scalable software and hardware solutions to streamline your processes. Self-serve technologies are fast becoming ingrained into all facets of society, as more customers are becoming accustomed to using and interacting with self-service devices, business as a whole is starting to see the immense benefits that help you serve your customers better and boost your bottom line.

TouchMate’s technology has been deployed in a wide range of environments from mine sites, quarries and train stations to hospitals and cinemas, it’s even used by the American Army. Uniquely, TouchMate not only develops software solutions internally, but for over 16 years has been designing and manufacturing it’s own range of kiosks and hardware solutions – these have been sold and deployed into 14 countries around the world and are now currently manufactured on two continents.


Tailoring Self-Service for customers to meet the
unique needs of diverse industries


TouchMate has the experience & expertise to make it happen.


Our Solutions have made an impact in major
industries and service sectors around the world.

Signpost 101

TouchMate’s proprietory wayfinding solution (Signpost101) is the easy to use, comprehensive solution for directing, informing and managing your visitors. It utilizes state of the art technology to display and maintain what people see.

Pay Pic Go

PicPayGo is a revolutionary solution that replaces vending machines in your work place.

We also offer a wide range of solutions that allow for payment by credit card, debit card, eftpos, coin and bank notes.


TouchMate’s‘ proprietory Self-serve & queueing solution (Touch2serve), comprising of both hardware and software, will provide a simple to use, practical solution to keep track, sort, sign in, sign out and direct visitors to the proper location.


TouchMate has the experience & expertise to make it happen.


TouchMate is excited to offer its customers the ability to finance the purchase of their equipment through Lease Corporation of America.  With options available from $2,000 to $20,000,000 virtually ever configuration can be leased.

These leases allow you to conserve your working capital, offer a $1 buy-out at the end of the lease and offer a potential tax savings under IRS Section 179.

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TouchMate provides you with piece of mind by offering one point of contact to resolve any
issue, whether it’s hardware, software or network related.

Training & Documentation

The implementation of your solution is only as effective as the people who use, operate or maintain it. This means that it is vital to maximize the benefit of your investment by ensuring that your operators not only understand the technology, but understand how they can work with it and thereby reduce operational frustrations and poor customer experiences.

TouchMate not only provides tailored training solutions, but also has a host of printed and video based operation manuals that cover everything from the installation of a kiosk through to the calibration of a particular type of touch technology. This ensures a common level of competency within your organization which acts to bypass frustrations born from over-reliance on any one individual.

Comprehensive Service Agreements

A TouchMate support agreement allows you to feel confident about your technology solution. Through our network of certified partners, we can offer our services worldwide with a tailored on-site service.

We offer both hardware and software maintenance service level agreements (SLA’s) from our base package that offers unlimited phone, web, and email support for troubleshooting, through to an extended warranty that includes all parts, labor and freight costs covered for returns and replacements.

TouchMate has developed and deployed hundreds of solutions and we’re well equipped to provide comprehensive support for your investment.

Trouble Free Installation

As a start to finish provider TouchMate can manage your complete solution installation process. This can include a pre-installation site survey to ensure that the sites are ready and thereby eliminating any costly delays during the installation process.

Once on site the installation service will cover electrical requirements, connectivity and custom mounting brackets. We also have well documented work safe procedures to ensure that the highest levels of safety are adhered to at all times. TouchMate can manage your entire project to ensure a smooth and trouble free installation.

Remote Solution Monitoring

TouchMate has a proprietary kiosk support system designed to monitor the performance of your entire kiosk network and maximize overall efficiency. This enables kiosks to be remotely monitored by our support team, error reporting via email or text allows for remote diagnostics and resolution.

This means that if there is an issue with a kiosk such as (printer) Paper low, Power outage, Cash box removal (the list is endless), we’ll know about it and be able to take action – generally before anyone else is even aware of the issue. For further scrutiny you can access specific data and statistics for individual kiosks within your fleet.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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