The Icon Cash Variant

The Icon Cash Variant is truly the paradigm of secure self-service solutions. From point of sale to moment of deposit, your revenue never has to be exposed.

Create a comprehensive digital experience that improves efficiency, reduces waste, and saves money on supplies with our paperless Icon Cash Variant. Its cash management system can do it all: process transactions, authenticate bills, dispense cash and coins, and count, sort, and balance the drawer. This kiosk not only reduces the risk of shrinkage, it also frees up your team to accomplish priority tasks, cross-sell complimentary products, and cultivate positive interactions with your customers. Its cash recycler also acts as a storage vault, restricting access to non-authorized users during front to back office transfer. In need of additional security? We also offer back office cash machines, ensuring safe transportation of your earnings.


  • Cash Handling Capabilities
  • Barcode Scanner
  • EMV Readers / Terminals
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Customized Branding / Color Choice
Icon Cash Variant Specifications (PDF)