The iBeam

Like a lighthouse in the fog stands the bright and steady iBeam. Vivid images, graphics, animation, and videos glow from its radiant screen, drawing customers forth to engage with your content.

Take your business from invisible to invincible with the power of the iBeam. This floor-mounted kiosk is tall and slender, with appealing piping and perfect angles. Its dazzling, high-definition touchscreen is tilted at a precise ergonomic level, prompting participation from a comfortable posture. This unit also features an option for supplementary signage, including a 24” or 32” LCD digital display for rotating advertisements or announcements. With the help of the iBeam, travelers can get checked into their hotel rooms; shoppers can get enrolled in loyalty programs; patients can get directions to their clinic location; and guests can get their pre-purchased movie tickets.


  • Various Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Scanner
  • EMV Readers / Terminals
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Customized Branding / Color Choice
iBeam Specifications (PDF)