Turn Your Windows Into Recurring Revenue

Apex 55 Dual Display

The Apex 55 Dual makes window shopping profitable. With dazzling double-sided screens, and inclusive effort-free services, your storefront can earn recurring revenue from street-side consumers – even when your business is closed!

Sleek and slim, the Apex 55 Dual can fit into any storefront window with an adjustable hanger or an attractive floor stand, creating space for you to continue marketing your products. Its 55” screens deliver crisp, clear images, regardless of lighting conditions. It consumes less power than conventional displays and is easily activated with one power cord and one LAN cable, reducing costs and cord clutter while increasing energy efficiency.

Using programmatic digital out-of-home advertising (pDOOH), the Apex 55 Dual delivers carefully curated content to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, earning quarterly revenue for your business; and with the ability to dedicate time to in-house and outsourced advertisements, you can promote your messaging while maximizing your profits.

With TouchMate, and our partner Smartify Media, you receive the total solution: equipment installation,advertising management, content production, and display monitoring. All you need is a front window and electric and network connections in proximity to the display. We take care of everything else – all you have to do is cash your quarterly checks!


  • 2 Samsung 55” LCD/LED Panels
  • High Brightness (Outward: 3000 nit / Inward: 1000 nit)
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Images
  • High Performance Processor
  • Programmatic Digital Out of Home Advertising
  • IP5X-Validated Dust Protection
Apex 55 Display Specifications (PDF)