the Alpha™

The Alpha is a small, compact desktop kiosk designed for use in healthcare, education, and entertainment applications where both small footprint and lower cost are requirements.

The kiosk is available in either a white or black enclosure and can be equipped with a wide variety of peripheral devices and unit options.

The Alpha kiosk is available with either a 15 or 17-inch LCD touchscreen display. Other flexible features include a choice of our standard Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the new iCore processors, or the Atom processor.


Display:  15", 17" or 21" + Optional privacy screen
Computer: up to i7 processor
OS: Windows xp/7/8 pro, linux
WiFi: RF 802.11
Weight: up to 25lbs/ 12kg
Operating temperature: -0 to 40c
Operating humidity: 20% to 80%
Power supply: 120w. AC 100 - 240v



• Integrated Receipt printer (on 15")
• Magnetic stripe or Barcdoe reader
• Fingerprint/Biometric reader
• Barcode scanner
• Proximity RFID reader
• Integrated webcam